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Time for a new project! You’re ready to build or add on, remodel an existing building…

Where do you turn for the best advice?

So many new buildings are constantly being designed and constructed. Building additions, alterations, and remodel projects occur even more frequently than new construction, and more often than not, involve varying degrees of involvement at the building envelope and waterproofing systems. Newer building trends are producing more complex designs, and new materials can offer even greater challenges than ever before.

So whether new construction or modifications to an existing building are what you need, Schaefer Group provides specialty services in the form of design review for clients, which include building owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors.


How about your budget, ROI, life expectancy, future maintenance, and last but not least, warranties?

At Schaefer Group, we listen to our clients, their plans for now and the future, what their expectations are. Schaefer Group realizes the investment our clients make with a new roof, so we look at the initial cost, how can money be saved, what are the ROI, and the future maintance costs. We then complete a needs analysis for their expectations.

Since, no one type of system or product can be used for every situation. Schaefer Group uses our experience and knowledge to review all of the available and proper systems in order to meet our clients’ needs. Schaefer Group starts by reviewing any existing roof systems on a building, reviewing local and national building codes and energy codes, various roof systems for life, maintenance, and warranties, insulation board if needed for performance and energy savings, and review of any tax credits that may be available.


Schaefer Group assesses this information into a set of specifications which includes detail drawings in a CAD format in order for our client to received accurate bids from contractors.

The goal of Schaefer Group is to provide design review services that provide our clients with educated solutions to difficult construction designs. You may have come to know, "industry standards" do not always apply to all building designs and construction issues. It takes creative solutions, in most circumstances to come up with a resolution that is both long-term and low-maintenance.

Keeping up to date construction products and installation methods is one of the areas we excel at, and our experience is one of our most useful tools. Schaefer Group takes pride in the ability to improve many “standard” design details to provide an installation that will serve beyond a normal service life.



General scope of work review and recommendations.

• Specification review and editing.
• Specification writing and definition.
• Drawing review and editing.
• Drawing preparation (CAD).
• Product(s) review and evaluation.
• Substitution request review.
• Submittal review, RFI review, needs analysis completion.

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