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You need a new roof, BUR, TPO, PIB, PVC, Mod Bit, Pitch, Bitumen, SPF, shingles, metal, solar?

Let’s talk about insulation, poly, wood fiber, gypsum-primed or unprimed?

So how do we attach this new roof so it doesn't blow off?

Do not forget about building codes, energy codes, wind up lift values, Cool Roofs, Green Roofs, and Energy Tax Credits. How about savings, ROI, life expectancy, future maintenance, and last but not least, warranties?



The roofing industry without a question is advancing at a rapid pace; new technologies, new roof systems, new design specifications. To have understanding knowledge of this new era requires a consulting firm willing and dedicated to provide each and every client with the most current and precise information. This is what Schaefer Group excels at.

This is what our clients have come to expect each and every time.We have invested time in keeping up with not only advancing roof technology, but in our roof consultants as well. We are powered by our consultants offering our clients expedient service and personal attention to every detail.


Schaefer Group’s roof consultants will always make certain proper planning and implementation of your roofing needs come first, with consideration to budgets, schedules, and extenuating circumstances.

A service you may need such as visual inspections, moisture evaluations, material testing, repair/replacement design specifications, CAD drawings, are all examples of what we can to offer to minimize your roofing costs, and prolong your investments.

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