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Today’s building owners are saving hundreds of millions of dollars every year with infrared testing of their new or existing projects. Our professional infrared and nuclear roof inspections can substantially reduce costly repair and replacement costs by:



• targeting problem areas for effective repair

• creating money-saving replacement options

• identifying sound roof sections for conservation

• improving specifications for more competitive bidding



Infrared thermography is a proven scientific method for evaluating heat loss, in any building in almost any condition. Our professional infrared inspections provide the in-depth, unbiased information that owners and facilities managers need to deal effectively with their buildings—the most critical and expensive asset of most physical plants.

Infrared thermography is a scientifically validated method for evaluating deteriorating conditions. Performed by a professional and unbiased service, it can accurately evaluate internal roofing and waterproofing conditions and help settle conflicting opinions and advice. If conditions warrant substantial repairs or replacement, a baseline of objective thermographic information can ensure equal specifications and encourage accurate, competitive bids.


Our certified consultants use state-of-the-art cameras capture the “thermal signature” of the areas nighttime heat loss. On a roof for example, the infrared image pinpoints the extent of moisture damage and wet insulation within the existing roof system. Our inspection teams precisely mark out the damaged areas on the roof surface, so you can save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or replacement. Infrared moisture scans can also be a big help in locating sources of roof leaks, air leaks, heat loss, etc…


Nuclear Testing:


Nuclear moisture detection is an extremely accurate method for locating moisture in a roofing system. The nuclear moisture meter can detect moisture as deep as 8" into the roof system and it can be used on all types of roofs. On projects where one roof has been installed over another, or on multi-layered systems, nuclear moisture detection is the only moisture detection method that will locate moisture in the lowest layer of insulation. The meter only detects moisture in the immediate area of the meter targeted area; consequently many readings must be taken over the roof surface to insure that there are no moisture saturated areas that go undetected.


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