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With the costs involved of having a new roof or waterproofing system, or repairs to an existing system, how does a client know that work that they are paying for is being installed correctly and according to specifications?


By using an unbiased, independent, working directly for the owner, installation monitor!

Schaefer Group, working as an installation monitor, ensures the client, that all components of a system are being properly installed according to manufacturers’ specification for warranty purposes, and for building code compliance.

With the knowledge and experience of Schaefer Group, waterproofing and roofing manufacturers’ have employed us to provide installation monitoring of their systems.

As installation monitors, Schaefer Group ensures that all products are dry before installation, that all building components are properly prepared, that the appropriate installation techniques and methods are employed, and that the workmen have sufficient knowledge to install the products.



Schaefer Group monitors ambient temperature, material temperatures where necessary, proper installation of insulation board and fastening, application rates of adhesives, proper application of materials, flashings, drains and components, counter-flashings and seals.

The goal of Schaefer Group is that the end result is the client (building owner) receives what they have paid for, the project outcome is a watertight building.



Schaefer Group personnel have the knowledge, training, and hands on experience to make sure the project stays on track with the least amount of downtime and interruptions to the client. Schaefer Group can provide installation monitoring on a part time basis, but highly recommends full time monitoring to provide total peace of mind.

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